Paradigm, Methodology
This course takes a method of interaction and discussion, combining both Chinese and English teaching method together, and explain in the case supporting the use of multimedia in teaching methods. These basic concepts, international developments, transport models rely on the foreign materials to teach English, mainly to enable students to deeply understand and learn to think independently; Problem, internal dynamics, case-based teaching in Chinese, increasing multimedia use, improve efficiency; software relies on the English instructions, the program interface in English, Chinese-based, multimedia teaching and improve efficiency; curriculum design, use of language choice by students in English and Chinese. This course also faced with large amounts of data at the operational level requires students to use a good rapid escalation in the English interface program, through teaching, allowing students to grasp the core of English vocabulary, learn to face the complex transport phenomena of independent thinking and software applications have the ability and the International English communication skills , but also can develop in accordance with international traffic study ways to develop a wide field of vision, quantitative thinking, strong ability to graduate.