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Developmental History
In the 1970s, Mr. Qiu Zhang, a transportation official in California, the U.S., visited China and delivered a series of lectures on traffic engineering, which indicated China’s first step marching toward this field. In the early 1980s, at the suggestion of Mr. Zhang, Chang’an University began to offer Traffic Engineering Courses for her students, and so did some other universities. This marked that traffic engineering subject was founded in China.
After its foundation, Traffic Engineering has been put much concern from Chang’an University authorities on its construction and theory innovation. In the 1990s, the “Total Volume Control Method” was put up by Chang’an University for the road network planning, which has been widely implemented in the highway construction, and greatly promoted the development of China’s transportation industry. And 2003 witnessed the significant teaching reformation that the bilingual education model was launched out on this subject, owing to the strong advocacy from the governments and the university authorities, so that the education methods can be more international and the educated talents are capable to deal with the problems in modern urban traffic and meet the demand of internationalization.
Through decades of efforts, Transportation Planning and Management has already developed into a ripe professional discipline progressively, and Chang’an University has become China’s leading center in this field, very famous for her advanced research findings in road network planning. Each year, educators and researchers are sent abroad to attend international academic conferences, exchanges and cooperation with foreign academic activity, and kind relationship between Chang’an University and the relative scientific research institutions in the U.S., Australia and other overseas areas.
Chang’an University has been approved to offer doctoral and masters’ degrees in Transportation Planning and Management, and provide post-doctoral training courses in Traffic Engineering. In recent years, fruitful results have achieved in this field, including the output of 220 technical scientific treatises, over 40 university textbooks and monographs, and more than 30 awards in teaching and researching at the provincial and national levels.