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Course Advantages
In 2003, to explore strategies for coping with urban transportation problems and meet the demand of internationalization in talent education, Chang’an University launched out the bilingual education model, an internationally popular teaching approach, in Transportation Planning and Management education. Through over 6 years of exploration and practice, the educating team, chaired by Prof. Yuanqing Wang, has gathered rich teaching experience and made this model with significant characters and great effect in practice.
1. Using Textbooks in English
To promote the learners’ bilingual professional capability in transpiration planning and management, textbooks in English, including “Analytical Transportation Planning” etc., have been used in the classes, so that the learners can grasp the spirit of internationally popular methodology in transpiration planning and management to solve the domestic transpiration problems, and are capable in international academic exchange and cooperation.
2. Adopting Reasonable and Attracting Teaching Methods
In order to strengthen the effect of this subject and develop the students’ comprehensive quality, the educating team updates the teaching content continuously and introduces many kinds of teaching methods, including preparing demo videos, multi media, case study, experiments etc. With the diversified teaching modes through which the learners can acquire knowledge in "learning by doing, and doing by learning", the students' interest on this subject has been aroused and the teaching effect ensured.
3. Participating International Academic Exchanges
According to the themes and pace of activities, international transportation experts are invited to give lectures to the students, introducing the hot points, frontier theories and latest strategies in this field. In communicating with the international educators face to face, the learners have their professional capacity enhanced, horizon widened, minds opened up to the world and bilingual ability improved as well.
4. Practicing in International Cooperative Research Projects
To cultivate bilingual professional talents, the educating team has paid much attention to the international academic exchange and cooperation, and encouraged the learners to participate actively the research projects financed by the World Bank, Asia Development Bank, Energy Foundation etc., so that the learners can make good use of the opportunities to communicate with the international experts in Enlish and enhance their bilingual professional capacities.