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Prof. Yuanqing Wang’s Bilingual Education Achievements
In 2001, universities, especially the 100 key ones for the 21st century, were required by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China to implement bilingual teaching modes in their specialized courses. In responding the national summon and with the strong support from the authorities at levels in Chang’an University, Prof. Yuanqing Wang finished the construction of a bilingual teaching team, and began to offers courses bilingual Transportation Planning courses.
By actively participating the international projects and academic exchanges, Prof. Wang has improved his English so good that he has excellent capability in bilingual coordination, communication, organizing and education. Prof. Wang’s main studying experiences on abroad and activities in international academic exchanges in recent years are as follows:
  • From 2002 to 2003, Prof. Wang, as a visiting scholar, did research work on Transportation Science &Technology in Louisiana State University, the US.
  • In 2003, Prof. Wang was invited to make a speech “Study on the Reasonable Density of High way in Western Part of China” at the Asian Transportation Forum in Japan.
  • In 2005, invited and sponsored by Asian Development Bank, Prof. Wang made a speech “Institutional Arrangement for STD in Selected Chinese Cities” at AEPF in Jakarta, Indonesia, and exchanged ideas with the experts from Asia and Europe on the urban transportation problems in China.
  • In 2008, Prof. Wang was invited to give a speech “Transit Equilibrium Assignment: A Model and Solution Algorithm under Congested Networks in Chinese Cities” at the 23rd ARRB Conference held in Australia.
  • From 2004, Prof. Wang has been cooperating with the Energy Foundation, and later on with the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, University of Copenhagen etc., in transportation research projects, which have set a good base for the bilingual transportation planning education in Chang’an University.
From 2003 on, Prof. Wang has given more than 200 classes to over 300 students, who, including the undergraduates and postgraduates, are required to listen, read, write and discuss in English both in and after class. Furthermore, the students are encouraged to take an active part in the international cooperative research projects and academic exchanges in traffic engineering, and attend the lectures offered by the famous international transportation experts as possible as they can. By this means, what the students have learned in classes can be well practiced in the society.
For creation of good conditions to enhance the learners’ bilingual professional capacity in transportation planning, some international famous experts have been invited to give lectures in Chang’an University by Prof. Wang, of whom are Prof. Walton from University of Texas, Prof. Sinha from Purdue University, Prof. M.A. Taylor from University of South Australia, Prof. Sam Zimmerman, senior adviser of the World Bank, etc.
The educated talents, having taken the bilingual course by Prof. Wang, are armed with excellent bilingual professional capability in transportation planning and more core competitiveness, of whom some have found satisfactory jobs in the World Bank, international consultant firms, research centers etc., and some have gone abroad for further education.

With his educating colleagues, Prof. Wang has made remarkable achievements in bilingual transportation planning education and enjoyed a very high reputation in the society.